The Okyaku of Tosa

The following is an article for 2020. (Tosa’s “Okyaku” in 2020 has been cancelled.)

The Okyaku of Tosa

The Okyaku of TosaIn Tosa-ben (Kochi Prefecture’s local dialect) a party is called “okyaku” meaning “guest”. The streets of Kochi become the venue for these “okyaku” and the event is like a large banquet.

These started in 2006, and 2020 marks their 15th year.
The Okyaku of Tosa is a big festival taking place once a year watched over by the god of Tosa sake (Japanese alcohol) “bero-bero”, and is an immersive experience in Kochi’s food and drink culture.

The reason behind calling these parties the Okyaku of Tosa is to declare them as sacred places for people to enjoy drinking.

Kochi, the country of sake: declarations for the scared place of sake

  • Once a year, those who can drink alcohol, both old and young, men and women, should pay homage to bero-bero, the god of Kochi, the country of sake.
  • Friendships are made through the exchanging of sake cups. Year after year, friends should exchange sake cups with each other.
  • Feast till you are full and empty your cup to the good fortune of the mountains, rivers, land and sea of Tosa.
  • Occasionally, debating about the affairs of the world late into the night and getting fired up about it is good for you.
  • Heavy drinking is unnecessary; however you should drink throughout the evening, stay healthy, and drink enough to be in good spirits.

7 March (Sat)
8 March (Sun)
14 March (Sat)
15 March (Sun)

Staff will be at the venue to assist you.